Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some things I did so far this week

  • Accompanied Jack to the Dallas Aquarium, where I insisted on singing "I love the fishes 'cause they're so delicious" approximately elevendy-billion times on the way there/while walking through because IF HE DOESN'T THINK IT'S FUNNY THE FIRST TIME, JUST KEEP TRYING, HE'LL GET THE HILARIOUS JOKE EVENTUALLY.

  • Saw a teeny, tiny monkey at said aquarium.

  • Really, really liked the teeny tiny monkey but was torn about liking said monkey, because my moral compass told me that aquariums were for fishes, not for monkeys.

  • Also, saw some birds. And flamingos. And a cheetah. And I was like, WHAT IS THIS PLACE?

  • But then penguins and sharks and a manatee and turtles. So then I was okay.

  • And also saw like, a thousand million people because we forgot it was Spring Break week.

  • Comforted/got pinned under the crazy dog during the crazy storm while she was all "WHY AREN'T YOU MAKING THIS STOP? DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S LOUD!?"

  • Googled the directions between my friends' photography business's mailing address (Covington, Kentucky) and the location they say they serve (Cincinnati, Ohio) to see how far it was, cause they're in different states and all.

  • It's 9 minutes.

  • Decided that living on a state line would BLOW MY MIND. We were in Kentucky! And now we're in Ohio! Kentucky! Ohio! Kentucky! Ohio!

  • Also, Googled the distance between Ellyn's house and theirs to see if I had time to get them to take some pictures of me and Jack sometime when I go visit her because OH MAH COW they take such amazing pictures.

  • Also, looked at every single one of their Project 365 photos.

  • Vowed to take better Project 365 photos.

  • Realized that you should probably put down the cell phone camera and pick up the DSLR every so often if you want to make that happen.

  • Ate a Girl Scout cookie.

  • Or, like, a few.

  • Told Jack I was going to make homemade pizza one day for dinner probably more than a week ago because I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME COOK FROM SCRATCH.

  • Finally got around to making the Pioneer Woman pizza dough with my ridiculously pretty Kitchen Aid and my ridiculously pretty new Pioneer Woman cookbook (yay, birthdays) last night.

  • Put said pizza dough in the fridge.

  • Asked Jack if he could eat leftovers instead that night.

  • Vowed to make homemade pizza with said pizza dough sometime in the future at some point maybe.

  • Pinned both this post and this post because they are awesome in different ways.

  • Just Googled the distance between Dallas and the Oklahoma state line to see how close they are.

  • It's 52 minutes. So, not mind-blowing. Also, nobody wants to go to Oklahoma. Ever.

  • (Unless Ree invites you over. Obvs. Then you can make pizza dough and take really good Project 365 pictures with her.)

  • This post has come full-circle. Nothing more to see here.
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