Friday, April 20, 2012

But it was the rat that carried the cane

Jack was in rare form when he got up yesterday morning.

Well, not really "rare." As I have mentioned before, Jack is both a morning and night person, a true freak of nature.

So, yesterday morning, he was in "hyper-as-normal" form, chattering and skittering about as I was staring at the eyeliner pencil in my hand, trying to remember exactly what it was used for.

When he went to put on his polo shirt, he stuck just his face through the hole and let the collar form a frame around it.

"I'm a turtle!" he proclaimed, excitedly. "But I'm hiding in my shell!"

I smiled and nodded, humoring him, but didn't say much back, because it was before 9am and nobody should be expected to interact coherently before 9am.

Slowly, Jack pulled his head through the hole in his shirt. Leaving it draped around his neck, he turned his head back and forth in exaggerated slow-motion, mimicking the head movements of a turtle.

I laughed at him a little, always willing to reward commitment to a joke, and suddenly Jack snapped his had back toward me and stared, wide-eyed.

"What?" I asked.

"I just realized!" he replied, excitedly. "I'm an actual NINJA TURTLE!"
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