Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Evolution of a nickname

"Cletus" - This came from the Eddie Murphy version of "The Nutty Professor" where Eddie says "C'mon, Cletus!" Jack used to yell that at me in a silly voice when he was trying to get me out the door sometimes. This transitioned to everyday conversation, which led to...

"Cletus Nicole" - Nicole is my middle name

"Cletus Hole" - My brother said "Cletus Nicole" sounded like "Cletus Hole" and Jack loved it.

"Cheetles" - No idea why.

"Big Cheetles" - Because he calls Maggie "Little Cheetles." This one is not my favorite.

"Cheetle Hole" - See also: "Cletus Hole."

"Cheeto" - He insists this is the Spanish word for "Cheetles." He often says "Me amo, Cheeto" in an exaggerated southern accent.

"Cheeto Hole" - See also: "Cletus Hole" and "Cheetle Hole."

"Tito" - No idea why.

"Shittles" - Because it was like "Cheetles" and it made him laugh and laugh



Unrelated to Cletus:

"My little sausage." - One time he said "I love you so much," and I said "Did you just call me a little sausage?" That stuck.

So, "sweetheart" and "darling" and "pumpkin" aren't really his thing, I guess.
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