Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If mentioning tortilla presses makes good blog posts, this one is great.

It seems that living life has been getting in the way of documenting it, though I can't quite pinpoint what to document at the moment. I mean, we've been traveling every single weekend forever and ever amen, but who doesn't do that?

(To recap, January was Colorado, February was Houston, March was Vegas, April was Colorado again and College Station, May was San Antonio, June was Colorado AGAIN and Little Rock, July (tomorrow!) is Indiana, August is San Fransisco, and October is Orlando.)

(I am SO NOT complaining about that. I love traveling, and could not be more glad to be fully taking advantage of this time in our lives in which freedom exceeds responsibility (see also: CHILDLESS!) It's just, that's what going on with us right now.)

A few weekends ago, in yet another hotel, Jack looked at me and mused "I wonder what our house is like on Saturdays."

Fortunately, most of these trips are so much fun, and though most are taekwondo (read: work!) related, it's still really nice for Jack and I to get away together. We tend not to have any "normal" time together anymore. He is always working, whether from home or work, and if he's working, I'm probably working too.

So I've probably missed documenting little things, or maybe little things haven't been happening because we're not together all the time. As always, an efficient means of catching up on all the inane things I usually blog about is, you guessed it - bullet point post!

  • I'd like to start this bullet-point post by saying that the new Train CD is fantastic. You should probably buy it immediately.

  • And while you're buying things immediately, also buy this, this, and this

  • Jack won second in the world in weapons last weekend at World Championships (he actually tied for first and lost the tie-breaker), and then at the new season's competition he won second in forms, second in forms, and third in combat weapons sparring. 

  • You know, the usual, right? Everybody's husband is a big winner, right? Right? (Well, mine is.)

  • In case you're not familiar with combat weapons sparring, picture, if you will, two competitors holding big padded sticks, and then using said sticks to BEAT THE EVER LIVING CRAP OUT OF EACH OTHER.

  • Jack finds it really, really fun. As evidenced by the fact that he is usually smiling during the entire match.

  • Fun fact: in that video I just linked to after randomly searching for a combat weapons competition on YouTube, one of the judges is one of Jack's best friends. We call our guest room "TJ's room," because he stays with us every time he comes into town, and also he never, ever throws up, no matter how much he drinks, which means that he and I get along very, very well.

  • I stumbled upon this blog about real food, and that plus my friend Candy convinced me to try it. Real food. No preservatives. No boxed stuff. Basically everything from scratch. It sounds like a lot of work, and I guess on some level it is, but I feel like the benefits outweigh the work. Plus if you plan ahead it really isn't different than normal cooking. And fresh food? Um, lots better. I made homemade whole wheat hamburger buns and tortillas, plus granola and all kinds of other good stuff this week. There's nothing like fresh-from-the-oven bread. 

  • I also got a tortilla press! Haven't tried it yet but I am very, very excited.

  • It's the small things. (See also, my life is kind of small.)

  • Jack, upon hearing the news that I would be cutting out processed foods/white flour/refined sugar from my cooking (for the most part - I'm still having some trouble getting rid of all refined sugar in sweet baking), was VERY UNHAPPY.

  • Jack, upon eating this week's meals, was VERY HAPPY. Or at least, very happy in relation to how much he thought he was going to hate it.

  • I lost a grey striped tank top, a turquoise cardi, some black shorts, and a pair of blue underpants. That's nearly a whole outfit! I mean, sheesh. 

  • If you see them, please text me.

  • How do I lose clothes so often? I am not nearly slutty enough to lose this many articles of clothing this often.

  • We are FINALLY getting landscaping! The landscaper already drew a pretty pretty picture of everything they're going to plant and I am SO DARN EXCITED that we will no longer be the white-trash house in the neighborhood. They'll put it in in the next week or two.

  • Sadly, no sunflowers in the plans. But I suppose that's okay. I do get hydrangeas and roses and crepe myrtles and all kinds of other pretty stuff.

  • They did already put in a sprinkler system though! Maybe I'll kill less plants now. Fingers crossed.

  • I'm leaving for the airport in less than 14 hours and still haven't finished my laundry or started packing. So, I guess I should do that. I also still have to hem my bridesmaid dress tonight. Yeah. Haven't done that quite yet. 

  • Don't tell Ellyn.
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