Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things discussed on a Crawford family vacation

How far Cassandra could throw the baby

Who is the smartest spouse in each couple

How much force it would take to break off someone else's finger

Who, of the other six, we would kill if we had to choose


The fact that we shouldn't discuss politics

Whether Easy Cheese is real food (It is NOT.)

Whether Easy Cheese is delicious (It is only kind of)

When Jack and Mandy are finally going to have a baby too (Answers: "when we decide between a baby or another karate school," "when we are ready," "never," "why do that when we can take this one," and "none of your damn business.")

(The last one is definitely the most applicable no matter who is asking.)

How much Shane and Cassandra would sell us their baby for

(Turns out we can't afford that one.)
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